S4E26: The Apollo Fates Interview
Demystifying Gay PornFebruary 03, 2024x
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S4E26: The Apollo Fates Interview

Apollo Fates is one of gay adult entertainment's stars who in my opinion is still bubbling under; his talents and work are very well received and definitely noticed but I still think it is scratching under the surface. I first saw Apollo perform in a couple of scenes for Vision X Studios and knew the next time I find myself in L.A., I'd have to try and work with him. We did and it was lovely!

During a recent visit to New York City, I was able to sit down and get to know Apollo, one on one. Apollo discusses his childhood, bouncing around the greater Los Angles area in the flawed foster care system, the experience of living with his biological mother, coming out, relationships and the industry, ultimately leading to how he ended up being Apollo Fates. 


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