S4E25: William Higgins / A Married Man / Kip Noll
Demystifying Gay PornJanuary 29, 2024x
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S4E25: William Higgins / A Married Man / Kip Noll

In his 40-year career, William Higgins, built a catalogue of over 3,000 films and is considered by many of his peers as one of the most influential and beloved gay porn directors of all time. The film, A Married Man, directed by William Higgins and starring Jack Wrangler was the director’s debut into the maddening world of gay erotic cinema. Kip Noll was a fantasy for so many men. The straight and married model was the first major twink in gay adult film history.

In this episode we are gong to celebrate William Higgins, director and founder of Catalina Video who established a reputation for casting young, fresh, handsome, hung models in full-length features with relatable story-lines. We’ll take a look at A Married Man, a classic gay porn film by Higgins, who almost left the business before the film was seen by a savvy theatre and given a proper, successful release. And finally, we are going to celebrate Kip Noll, a gay porn star who was lusted after by everyone and whose popularity was unequaled during his time in the industry until he just disappeared.

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