S4E23: Joe Gage / Kansas City Trucking Co. / Richard Locke
Demystifying Gay PornNovember 21, 2023x
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S4E23: Joe Gage / Kansas City Trucking Co. / Richard Locke

The late 1970s were an representational awakening for homosexual men. They began to embrace a new vision of themselves as hyper masculine. The rise of the clone look and of bars that catered to them helped push forward this new gay masculinity, but porn took it to the rest of the country and the man who bridged the old world of the closeted straight man and the new gay masculine sexuality was filmmaker Joe Gage. 

The Road movie as a cinematic genre emerged after world war 2 and reflected both the advent of the automobile as a fundamental expression of individualism. And the emergence of a mobile young suburban population looking for adventure. The combination of these elements plus the exploration of male sexual desire among working class and rural men were brought together by Joe Gage in his Working Man Trilogy. 

Often called the OG Daddy of Gay Porn, Richard Locke, burst onto the gay erotic film scene in 1974 and quickly became a fixture among gay men who were into the rugged and sexy male look that differed from the clone look depicted in films made in California. But Locke was more of a renaissance man all rolled into one human.

In this episode, we are going to celebrate Joe Gage aka Tim Kincaid, his film Kansas City Trucking Co. and Richard Locke. 

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