S4E22: Scott Masters / Greek Lightning / Jimmy Hughes
Demystifying Gay PornOctober 20, 2023x
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S4E22: Scott Masters / Greek Lightning / Jimmy Hughes

It’s 1971 and you’re at a Groovy Guy Contest. There, you set your eyes on Jimmy Hughes. Hughes would go on to win the contest and become a sought after model during the early part of the 1970’s before being entangled in rape and kidnapping charges that would landed him in jail in 1974.

When a feature film becomes a massive box office hit, it has the capacity of shifting the cultural landscape, putting its finger on the pulse of the day and age. And it will almost inevitably assure that a hardcore porn film parody will soon follow. Greek Lightning may just be one of the first erotic film parodies in history. 

But just who was the director of the 1972 gay erotic film Greek Lightning? Robert Walters? Ken Albert? Robert Stephens? The answer is all of them, because iconic filmmaker Scott Masters, who founded Studio 2000 and Nova Films used all of those names during his long career in gay adult entertainment. 

In this episode, we will celebrate Scott Masters, a guerrilla filmmaker and director who began his career in the adult industry pushing the boundaries of full frontal male nudity his film Greek Lightning, a gay porn that was meant to be a hardcore take off of The French Connection,. And Lastly, we will take a look at the short but fascinating modeling career of Jimmy Hughes, a golden age performer who achieved star status during the early to mid 70’s before it all came crashing down amidst several sex crimes. 

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