S4E18: Open Lines: Adult Baby Diaper Lovers
Demystifying Gay PornAugust 11, 2023x
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S4E18: Open Lines: Adult Baby Diaper Lovers

Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers are growing communities that enjoy role-playing as infants and/or wearing diapers. Both AB and DL are often grouped into a single community as they share similar traits within their members. ABDL can be either sexual or nonsexual depending on the person and how they derive their positive needs of safety, security and coping with stress of everyday life. 

On this episode of Open Lines, Rigby and Boogie B are both adult babies and diapers lovers who sat down with me and gave me an good introduction on everything being ABDL means. They explain what makes someone a "little," the baby, or a "big, the caregiver, to how they realized this was how they feel comfort through situations that can also turn sexual. 

Please enjoy. 

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