S4E13: Open Lines - Furries
Demystifying Gay PornMay 15, 2023x
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S4E13: Open Lines - Furries

On this episode of DGP: Open Lines we start to explore "Furries." In i's most basic definition, A Furry is a fan of anthropomorphic animals, i.e. a Disney character suit, a mascot , etc... and it doesn't stop there. Furries are part of a growing furry fandom. 

My good friend Spike (from the pup play episode) just happened to know a couple of guys in the furry community. Kyle and Nurp walk us through what being a furry means to them, how they created this part of their persona (or "fursona," if you will) as well as a little bit about what to expect from the fandom. We also touch on the sexual and nonsexual aspects of being a furry.